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Mimi and Mushky met and became sisters-in-law in 2011 and immediately bonded over their love for oversized clothing. Having both experienced the struggle of finding well-made yet affordable clothing that fit their aesthetic, they joined forces to make the clothing they wanted to wear. With no fashion background, Mimi and Mushky launched MIMU MAXI, introducing frocks and smocks and cascading dresses that became the “go-to” clothing for their own Chassidic community and beyond.

Building on the spiritual depth of their ancestry as well as the requirements of Jewish law, Mimi and Mushky’s pieces are dramatic yet down to earth. And although they always feature higher necklines, longer hemlines and fuller sleeves to accommodate their dress-code, they view their “limitations” as an opportunity: to communicate who they are, to break boundaries, and to create more interesting designs.

Their designs have been referred to as “easywear,” which, fitting for the purposeful undertone of their brand, has a double meaning: pieces chic enough to make being modest easy, with a billowy, no-nonsense minimalism to ease the everyday burden of women who, like them, are “doing it all.” On their lively Instagram page, Mimi and Mushky share their funny, meaningful and always honest take on fashion, being busy “momtrepreneurs” — and best friends.