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Frock Sizes

UPDATED JULY 16th 2016

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Please keep the following in mind when choosing your size:

The size guideline is designed for optimal and intended fit. However, because of the oversized draping design, you can wear a size smaller or larger — depending on how tapered/loose or short/long you want to wear your frock.

If you want to belt and blouson your frock (in other words, cinching and lifting the material over the belt), but you need it to still be long enough to cover your knees when pulled up, order a size up.

Because of everyone’s unique body types, we make no guarantee of knee coverage. The above guidelines are based on experience, working with models and the feedback from our customers. These suggestions work for the majority but may not apply to figures with extra-long torsos, large bust size or other unique (and uniquely beautiful) body considerations. Order based on these guidelines to accommodate your body-type to the best of your ability.

While this dress has become a must-have for our modest-minded customers, many customers enjoy wearing their frock shorter, or using a belt to shorten the dress. If you fit the above size/height guidelines but prefer the dress shorter, order a size down.

Please note that items may shrink up to 1” in the wash.


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Product Description

Our signature frock is a  loose, comfortable and entirely effortless dress that will take you from day to night — in every season. Wear it over a collared shirt, layer your sweaters and blazers, or rock it solo and go chic-sleek. With arms that narrow for a slimming effect, this signature-cut frock is all you need to look good--without even having to try. #MIMUFROCK

Dark haired model is 5"8/ size 2 and is wearing size small.

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Wash cold, hang dry.

May shrink 2” in length from wash.



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