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The Mom Slip is designed for us all. It's the sleeveless unfussy underlayer that your mother may have depended on (and embarrassed you with) in the 90s.

Like#momjeans, but the slip version. Your mom wore it unabashedly, every which way. Morning to night. Sometimes to sleep. It wasn't loose, it wasn't tight—it was just right. But it wasn't super cool, certainly not on trend. You said to yourself, "OMG mom's slip thing...I just don't get it." Then you grew up. And as with all things non-sartorial, you started to see your mom's smarts. She needed to be comfortable, she wanted to look good — she understood the importance of a versatile basic with just the right amount of detail to make her feel feminine. She enjoyed her blazer, but wanted to come home and take it off and feel like she was in her sexy pajamas. You started to grow up, you started to get it. You started to shop her closet.

Then maybe you became a mom yourself. Life got busy. Mom's closet full of items you could no longer find elsewhere was not within arms reach. The demands of life, work, kids — and needing clothing that would seamlessly fit into it all — became top priority. Trends became less of a concern. You need stuff that works. If you happen look good while being this comfortable and getting dressed this easily — bring it.

Wear it when you want to layer and sleeves get in the way. With a blazer. With a turtleneck under. A sweater or oversized shirt over. Wear it loose, or belt it: both are flattering. Enjoy the quality silky feel on your skin. Revel in the simplicity that makes getting dressed a breeze, and being in motion from day to night effortless, comfortable, and beautiful.

Mom was smart. And so are you.


The Mom Slip is in the details:

Midi Length

Silk-like material

Fabric is washable

Grazing fit is neither loose nor fitted

All-around seam at lower half adds interest and subtle flair



MODEL IS 5"8 and size 4 and wearing a size Small.

Additional Information


Poly-dyed crepe


Wash cold, hang dry


XS, S, M, L

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