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Mimu Maxi Products 03-03-16 | Eliau Piha studio photography, new york, events, people-0033

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Product Description

The MIMU Peek Skirt is a lightweight, silky, slip-inspired skirt designed to peek-a-boo from your favorite longer wardrobe items that need a shy, flirty, barely-there pairing. While the Peek Skirt is perfect as a high waisted skirt for cotton-tees and blouses, it takes on a barely-there life of it's own when worn as an under-layer, beneath heavier pieces and boxy shirts and sweaters. The unique panel design creates a riveting, even romantic, effect that isn't just apeek, but will become the peak of your outfit.

Get the length that you can "take out" or "tuck away" — depending on what you're wearing, or quite frankly, who's judging (definitely not us).

The MIMU Peek Skirt will open your shopping options, helping you make more adventurous sartorial choices without the usual hindering concerns of knee-coverage. You don't have to think "Ugh, but do I have to wear a skirt under that?" The Peek Skirt is barely there. And even when it's giving a hello, it's a desired element that only enhances your otherwise perfect ensemble.  Everyone will ask, "What iiiiiis that?" (And in the best way.)

The Peek Skirt is about finding solutions, it's about freedom, it's about options. But it's also a fashion statement: an itsy bitsy layer adds dimension and texture, bringing your style to life — with, as is all things MIMU, minimal effort.

Peek Skirt Style Tips from Mi and MU:

  • Pair with a long chunky weighted knit sweater
  • Use it under a dress that is just too short for your liking
  • Put it on to enhance a layered, dimensional outfit — just for fun
  • Wear with an oversized shirt and compliment with a long vest that meets the skirt, emphasizing your over-layers
  • Use the skirt as a peeking-out layer from longer items that have side-slits
  • Take advantage of this skirt during pregnancy when your usual wardrobe staples may get a bit shorter

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The skirt it designed to cover your knees, but when worn higher up (or rolled up), can be a shorter skirt -- adjust to your liking and comfort.

Blonde model is 5"5 and size 4 and wearing a size XS (at her waist)

Brunette model is 5"2 size 2 and wearing size XS (wearing shorter, with waist rolled up) 

Skirt features a 2" inch elastic waist band. 

The size chart are our recommendations, and length (in inches) are measured exact, from top seam to hem.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.06.39 PM

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Wash cold, hang dry


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